Plug Sockets

Electrical sockets can be very tempting for little babies, with buttons to press and little finger sized holes to prod. Slot plastic plug covers in to any plug slots you are not using or encase sockets with childproof cover plates.

Electrical Appliance Cords

Electrical cables present a number of dangers. Baby could trip over them, become entangled in them or simply pull whatever they are attached to on them. Given that they could be attached to heavy lamps, kettles, television, irons, etc., the latter is especially dangerous. Make sure you hide all your cables, either behind furniture, under carpets or using cable tidies. You may also want to move certain appliances to other rooms.

Dangerous Chemical Substances

A lot of potentially dangerous chemicals found in the kitchen or bathroom come in bright colours. These substances should be moved to a top cupboard, well out of reach of curious babies.


Stairs are a potential hazard for all babies and you should invest in a good, modern set of stair gates. Be advised, older, concertina gates can be a hazard in themselves, trapping little fingers.

Coffee Tables

Any furniture with low down sharp edges can be dangerous for babies. Coffee table edges are below knee height for most adults, but just the right height for baby to bang their head. You should buy corner guards and edging protection to keep bumps down to a minimum. If you prefer a more drastic change this could be a good excuse to refresh your décor!


Opening and closing drawers can be a fun game for little ones. Making sure that any drawers within reach don’t contain anything potentially unsafe is a good start, but it doesn’t solve problems related to trapped fingers or even drawers toppling over. There are plenty of cheap locks and child catches to make your drawers truly childproof.


It should go without saying that if you use your fireplace your baby will need constant supervision. Fireguards are required by law and it is always a good idea to check that your smoke alarms are in good working order. A fire extinguisher is often a good idea, too.


Windows are among the most dangerous hazards for small children and you should fit them with window locks or child catches to prevent them opening too far. It is also a good idea to move any furniture that makes it easy for toddlers to climb up to windows elsewhere.


Doors are often very heavy for kids, with little fingers at risk of being trapped in the hinge end and the handle end. While you can buy hinge cavity finger protection strips, doorstops and wedges to keep doors open is a cheaper option. You can also buy cushioned door guards that attach to handles to prevent injuries related to door slamming.