While one of the best things about breastfeeding is that there’s no special equipment needed, there are many great buys that can help make the breastfeeding experience as fulfilling as can be. The Closer to Nature range has been specially designed to support breastfeeding with co-ordinating products that can help your partner and baby breastfeed for longer. For example, our Manual Breast Pump and Electric Breast Pump let mum express breast milk into a bottle or storage pot for dad to give to baby later - especially in the middle of the night!

At the heart of the Closer to Nature range is our award winning baby bottles. Our bottles come with a soft-touch, breast shaped teat which is extra wide to give your baby something to ‘latch on’ to in the same way as the little one latches on to the breast. What’s more, our baby bottles are made to fit comfortably into the hand - even dad’s big hand - so that baby can cuddle in close. Best of all, we are sure that your baby will be so content feeding with the Closer to Nature teat that he’ll be able to switch from breast to bottle - and more importantly back again - with ease.

Of course, if you would prefer not to express milk, there are other ways for Dad to be supportive. While dad can’t supply the milk, being supportive of mum is an important role to play during breastfeeding. Dads can help by taking an active role in household chores and making sure mum has everything she needs during breastfeeding.

Dads can be involved in all other aspects of baby care, too. Dads are very good at helping to settle a crying baby as they are the second most familiar person to baby and, unlike mum, don’t smell of milk! Bath time and change time can also be a great opportunity for Dads to get involved and develop their bond and relationship with their baby. See our advice for dads section for more info.

For more information about expressing breast milk, visit our expressing breast milk advice section. For more product specific information, you may want to visit our FAQ section.