In many ways, breastfeeding twins is no different to breastfeeding a single baby. All the principles remain the same, the difficulty arises in time constraints and, if you want to, breastfeeding both babies simultaneously – which can take quite a bit of practice.

To start with, you will probably find breastfeeding each twin individually easier. Only once you have the hang of that should you move up to two babies at once. There are several advantages to doing this.

While these advantages are important, it is worth remembering that your twins are individuals and one may want and need to feed more often than the other.

Tips for Simultaneous Breastfeeding

The following tips for simultaneous breastfeeding will help you manage your twins.

We understand that the logistics of breastfeeding twins can be difficult. It is important to take all offers of help that come your way and taking the time to rest or nap yourself when babies are sleeping – those other jobs can wait for now!