Although you’re no longer pregnant, you’re still eating for two as breastfeeding will be your baby’s primary source of nourishment. The good news is that this means you have scope to eat more than usual (milk production burns approximately 400 calories a day), the bad news is that quality is still much more important than quantity. Follow our guidelines closely.

Foods to Consider when Breastfeeding

The most important aspect of your breastfeeding diet is finding a good balance. Consider the following as part of a balanced diet:

Foods to Avoid when Breastfeeding

While there are some restrictions when breastfeeding, there is certainly more on the menu than off. Keep a balanced diet and avoid the following and you should be fine:

Vitamin D

One of the best supplements you can take while breastfeeding is Vitamin D. There are several such supplements available to buy designed specifically for breastfeeding mums. Taking Vitamin D supplements is particularly important if you don’t get much sunshine in your daily routine.

Remember, a suitable breastfeeding diet is only one part of a healthy lifestyle. To ensure you and your baby remain healthy, you should also get plenty of rest and take part in some gentle exercise.