While traditional baby shower cakes are acceptable, an increasing number of baby shower cakes feature unusual and creative designs, including baby bump cakes, baby blocks cakes, pram cakes and even stork and baby cakes. But remember, although it is tempting to try something new and creative, your cake should always follow the theme of your baby shower.

Baby Shower Cupcakes

Cupcakes are very popular at the moment, especially at baby showers. There are several advantages to choosing baby shower cupcakes. They are easy to make, they are ideal for party favours, they can be individually decorated, they can be offered in a variety of flavours, and the elimination of cutting encourages guests to help themselves. Cupcakes can also be used in conjunction with a cake stand to make an excellent centrepiece. What’s more, there is something about small and cute little cakes that seems to fit with baby theme parties!

Choosing Your Ingredients

If you are making or ordering a baby shower cake on the behalf of mum-to-be, remember that there are certain foods often found in cake that pregnant women should avoid, including chocolate. Pregnant women should also avoid common cake accompaniments such as custard and ice cream.