Most babies suffer from nappy rash at some point, especially babies aged between 9 and 12 months. Nappy rash is very common skin irritation, appearing as red patches on your baby’s bottom and genitals. These red patches will look sore and may be hot to touch. Particularly bad cases may see spots and blisters. It is important to understand the causes of nappy rash.

The best way to treat nappy rash is to avoid these causes. Do this by following these simple tips when changing your baby’s nappy.

If you follow these steps and your baby’s nappy rash shows no sign of improvement, or even worsens, after a few days you should consult your doctor. For more information about nappy changing, read our how to change a nappy article.

Other Types of Rash

You should contact your doctor immediately if your baby’s rash becomes swollen and baby develops a fever as this could be assign of bacterial infection. Bacterial rashes are also very warm.

Particularly bright rashes could be caused by fungal infection. Fungal rashes will be particularly severe in the folds of baby’s skin, with less severe ‘spots’ surrounding the worst affected areas. Again, you should consult your doctor if you suspect your baby has a fungal infection.